The mangalsutra set is the essential part of the life of married Indian woman. A designer mangalsutra set is the perfect combination of tradition and style. Over the years the beauty of mangalsutra has met the contemporary style and as a result we have beautiful glittering mangalsutra sets designed in silver, American diamond, gold-plated, kundan and fashionable metals. The beauty of the mangalsutra lies in the fact that it can be matched with absolutely any fabric or color of the dress. A mangalsutra set includes a mangalsutra necklace with matching earrings. If you are looking for a mangalsutra for a would-be bride or wish to update your mangalsutra collection, find a great variety of designs at Vatika Jewellers. Though the traditional black beads design remains the same but the pendant can be found in numerous alluring designs. Browse through our collection from fancy silver to American Diamond mangalsutra set and many more.
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