Vatika Jewellers was established in the year 2004 with plating of precious metal being its core competency. Our manufacturing facility equipped with the state of the art plating plant is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan one of the largest industrial hubs in Jaipur. The idea of giving a sparkle to a metal has made us the pioneers and known worldwide in the field of Gold plating. Quality and timely delivery of gold plated products is our highest concern. This is only endorsed by our ever growing clientele. On the forefront is our highly skilled and innovative Vatika Jewellers team which is in a position to accept any challenge in the field of plating, which is not only cost effective but superior than any world-class manufacturer. “Right, First Time” is our quality Motto and “Be Innovative” is our corporate policy. If plating of precious metals has gained us respect in the industry, Vatika Jewellers is equally competent in manufacturing.

We specialize in the manufacture of latest designs of Imitation / Fashion Jewelry. Our designs are comparable to the best in the world and we keep abreast of the latest designs ruling the fashion world. We have a team of competent professionals in our design studio continuously striving for new designs which updates itself with the latest trend in the National & international market. This has created a frenzy in the design world and fashion conscious minds. Our products are in great demand in countries like USA, Latin America, France, Africa and other countries of the European Community. People from these countries vouch for our craftsmanship, latest world class designs, range and the quality which has created a demand for imitation jewelry. We also customize the designs for bulk orders.